Yatzy Multi player

Yatzy Multi player
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Yatzy Multi player

Yatzy Multiplayer is a game of dice, might be fun for anybody. The goal of each round is to roll the dice in such a way that a set number of point combinations are achieved. You get to toss five dice on the very first roll of the game. So why are you being so hesitant? Sign up for Yatzy Multiplayer today to take advantage of special pricing!


  • Stunning 2D graphics.
  • The layout of your gaming room is up to you.
  • Reasonable safeguards.
  • Innovative gameplay.
  • The visuals provide a clear explanation of the problem.


Challengers take part by clicking through several options on a computer screen. You'll be given five dice to roll for the very first roll of the game. After the first throw, you may choose to keep all of the dice you rolled or toss away the ones you don't want.

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